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Pty Ltd is the exclusive licensee of The Night of the Ad Eaters® in Australia and New Zealand
Now, for the first time, the Night of the Ad Eaters finally comes to Australia, with its fans in Melbourne and Sydney being the first to experience the madness! Grab your mates and prepare yourselves for a night filled with fun, networking, cocktails and some of the craziest, hilarious and jaw-dropping commercials the world has to offer! The Night of the Ad Eaters is sure to spark your imagination and tickle your funny bone! Tickets will go on sale soon!
The Night of the Ad Eaters is much more than a movie. We invite you to a brain tickling show with a lively and colourful atmosphere, a mixture of cinema, carnival and crazy clubbing! You drink, dance and shout your way through the night of the best and longest ad break of the year! It is a festival of the most amazing, intriguing, shocking and funny commercials from around the globe.
How would you fancy spending the whole night in a cinema watching nothing but the cream of commercials? It may sound like the unlikeliest entertainment format ever invented, but it is insanely popular as the six-hour screening is organised annually, since 1981, in 172 cities across 52 countries.
The Night of the Ad Eaters is a 5 hours cinema show of the best 300 TV ads/commercials in the world. The marathon also includes live concerts, side shows, entertainment, roving performers, competitions, all pumped up with adrenaline and fun.
Newest ads, uncensored ads, best ads, international ads, exotic ads, unusual ads, historic ads (since 1898 to present), cultural and political parodies, banned ads, 18+ ads (for tobacco, drinks, condoms, lingerie, gambling), ads, ads, ads… No censorship is involved: alcohol, tobacco and sex are present. Top actors are involved as well as top level athletes. 80% of the ads were never shown in a cinema before.
Since 1981, more than 12 million viewers tasted the Ad Eaters cocktail containing ingredients from more than 80 countries. It has been dubbed a global phenomenon with a cult-like following of hundreds of thousands of attendees known as Ad-Dicts. Every year, around the world, 300,000 enthusiasts meet-up to unreservedly enjoy the ‘advertising cult’, in a friendly, convivial and fun atmosphere, loving each and every advert or singing along to the best-known jingles. 
Personalities starring in ads: John Travolta, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, Jackie Chan, Val Kilmer, Hugh Laurie, Uma Thurman, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Gere, Mélanie Griffith, Snoop Dogg,  Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. Ads by famous directors: David Lynch, David Fincher, Guy Ritchie.
Anyone who has previously seen Night of The AdEaters can agree: the atmosphere is absolutely unique! The Night is like the New Year’s Eve of Advertising! Warning: the Night could cause mass thunderous applause and cheering.
It all started in 1956, when the Night of the Ad Eaters’ founder, Jean-Marie Boursicot (three years old at that time) got his first advertising films. That moment marked the beginning of his collection. As a teenager, Boursicot rifled the waste bins of the film distributors who, carelessly unaware, discarded trailers and ad films. In 1981, he chose to open up his advertising films collection by creating the first Night of the Ad Eaters.
Nowadays, the ads library is the largest in the world, having more than one million films and grows each year by 10-25,000 extra items sent by 750 ad agencies from 80 countries. Mr. Boursicot’s objectives are to share his passion for advertising and cinema, and to raise the funds needed for the maintenance and restoration of old films.
Advertising is filled with irony. From a sly smirk to a surprise ending, good advertising makes us laugh and sometimes even shed a tear. It is funny, shocking, moving and influential. Most of us can recite verbatim, commercials from our youth and are perhaps still brand loyal to some of these products. Advertising has helped define and mold what it means to be Aussie and it has had a similar affect in cultures around the world.
Finally, due to its huge worldwide recognition, this visual orgy called the Night of the Ad Eaters will come down under. After Sydney and Melbourne, the Night will come to Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, followed by New Zealand’s Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton. And don’t forget: only the world’s best ads are worthy of the big screen!
Today, the Ad Eaters is an international phenomenon that celebrates the creative process and the impact of advertising on worldwide cultures. It attracts thousands of attendees that include both industry people and general public alike who are addicted to the all night celebration which showcases the best creative works. Glued to the screens, left with a lasting impression from each and every part of the show, the fans return each year because for once, commercials aren’t selling products, but art.
Did you know that Adeaters entered twice the Guinness Book of Records as the longest and most popular action associated with advertising? The largest audience ever recorded on a single Night of the Ad Eaters was in Beijing (China) at the People’s Palace: 12,000 people.
10.10 - 10.30 PM - Intermission and entertainment
6 PM - Doors open, entertainment commences
The ads will be shown in 4 blocks, while before and during the breaks it’s party time! The evening will be interspersed with some unusual and unmissable entertainment! Apart from the show itself, the public will enjoy live bands, DJs, roving entertainers, competitions, prizes and free samples from the sponsors.  Exotic, unexpected and colourful happenings will spice up the Night!
7 - 8.25 PM - Ad Eaters Part 1
6.30 - 7 PM - Live concert
8.25 - 8.45 PM - Intermission and entertainment
10.30 - 11.50 PM - Ad Eaters Part 3
8.45 - 10.10 PM - Ad Eaters Part 2
1 AM - Close
12.05 AM - 1 AM - Ad Eaters Part 4
11.50 PM - 12.05 AM - Intermission and entertainment
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